16-17-18 March: Sarah Marusek on Law and Semiotics

Dear all,

next week we will welkome a guest from very far away: Prof. Sarah Marusek, from the University of Hawai‘i HiloYou can find below a brief description of her lectures with the related articles, which will soon be available on our e-learning platform. You can also find Prof. Marusek’s CV here: VITA MARUSEK FULL (Mar 1 2016).


Day One: Visual Methodologies of Law – Article: License Plates (Law, Culture, and the Humanities)

Day Two: Law in Vehicular Environments – Article: Visual Jurisprudence of the American Yellow Traffic Light (International Journal for the Semiotics of Law)

Day Three: The Dynamic Landscape – Article: Lawnscape (Social Semiotics)

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