23-24 March: Stefania Gialdroni on Law and Literature

portiaDear all,
on Wednesday and Thursday we are going to focus on one of the cornerstones of the Law & Literature studies: Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”. Our approach will be a Law IN Literature one, with particular reference to the limits of the liberty of contract and the relationship between law and equity. There will be no class on Good Friday. You can read Stefania Gialdroni’s CV HERE.

The Merchant of Venice, Act IV
D.J. Kornstein, Fie Upon your Law!, in “Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature”, 5.1 (1993): A Symposium Issue on “The Merchant of Venice”, pp. 35-56

Not compulsory reading: S. Gialdroni, La clausola penale tra finzione e realtà. Il caso limite di Shylock alla prova del diritto veneziano, del diritto comune e del common law, in La pena convenzionale nella prospettiva storico comparatistica (Collana del centro di eccellenza in diritto europeo – G. Pugliese), a cura di S. Cherti, Napoli: Jovene, 19-49, 2013.

Movie: “The Merchant of Venice”, dir. by Michael Radford, UK-Italy-Luxembourg, 2004.


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