18 May: Musical performance by M° Enrico Maria Polimanti

The Spring 2016 “Law and the Humanities” course will end with two lessons on “Law and Music” which will include a very special event, open to the public: a musical performance by a professional pianist, M° Enrico Maria Polimanti, who will help Prof. Giorgio Resta in describing, at hand of a “learning by experience” approach, the surprising though strict relationship between law and music.

The lecture/performance will take place at the RomaTre Law Departement (Via Ostiense 161, Roma), room 3, 2:00 pm.

 Locandina Law and Music 2016

4 thoughts on “18 May: Musical performance by M° Enrico Maria Polimanti”

  1. What’s your favorite symphony that you like to play with piano? And why?
    ps. Your lesson has been fantastic !!! 🙂

    1. Dear Paola, thank you for your question. I don’t have one favourite piece but for sure the Tempest Sonata by Beethoven is particularly important for me. I played this work for the fist time when i was seventeen and I periodically go back to it. Each time it is an inspiring an enriching experience. It is, I dare say, part of my life.
      Best, Enrico MP

  2. Dear Alessandro, thank you for writing. As I come from a family where nobody plays an instrument everything happened by accident. When I was ten years old my father asked me if I wanted to start learning the piano. I tried and I immediately liked it. After one year I decided I wanted to be a pianist.
    I prefer the piano to other instruments because it gives you the possibility to create worlds. Someone says the piano is an awkward instrument because it is so big and detached from the player; being a pianist means to become one thing with the instrument and I personally love this feeling.
    Best, EMP

  3. How did you start to play the piano? And why do you prefer piano instead of ither music instruments?

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