1st Winter School in Law and Humanities: “The Theater and the Dome”

Within the Law and Humanities Program Roma Tre – Cardozo Law School

The University of Roma Tre, Law School & Cardozo Law School present

What: 1st  Winter School in Law and Humanities –  “The Theatre and the Dome. The normativity of law and the normativity of religion”

Where: Roma Tre, Law School, Via Ostiense 159 

When: 11-12 January 2018


Rome is a city where different normativities encountered and clashed in the past, and still encounter and clash today.

This first event organized in the frame of the Roma Tre-Cardozo Law and Humanities Program is a winter school that will investigate two normative languages — that of law and that of religion — , which in Rome are epitomized by two world-famous monuments: the Colosseum, which represents the secular space of rituality and representation, and St. Peter’s Dome, which represents the religious space of rituality and public representation.

The morning sessions will be devoted in particular to the discussion of the normative clashes that characterized the contemporary age, but will not be limited to this theme only: a broader dialogue between scholars specializing in law, philosophy and history will help drawing a comparison between European interdisciplinary studies on law and the Anglo-American tradition in the field of law and humanities. 

For this first edition no inscription fee is requested. PhD students or postgraduate fellows who are willing to participate should send an email to angela.condello@uniroma3.it by December 10th, 2017, attaching a brief CV. Acceptance of the submissions will be notified within a week. 

JANUARY 11th, 2018 – Room 278, second floor

Morning session – H 9-13


Riccardo Chiaradonna (University of Roma Tre, Philosophy)

Peter Goodrich (Cardozo Law School, NYC  New York University Abu Dhabi)

Luca Loschiavo  (University of Roma Tre, Law)

Mariano Croce (University La Sapienza, Philosophy)

Stefania Gialdroni (University of Roma Tre, Law)

Angela Condello (University of Roma Tre, Law University of Torino, Philosophy)

Emanuele Conte (University of Roma Tre, Law) 

 Afternoon session – H 15-18

Presentation by PhD and graduate students who wish to discuss their research projects related to the interdisciplinary school.


JANUARY 12th, 2018 – Room 278, second floor

Morning session – H 9-13


Tiziana Andina (University of Torino, Philosophy)

Maurizio Ferraris (University of Torino, Dept. of Philosophy)

Peter Goodrich (Cardozo Law School, NYC and NYU)

Giorgio Resta (University of Roma Tre, Dept. of Law)

Paolo Napoli (EHESS, CENJ)

Mario De Caro (University of Roma Tre, Philosophy)

Angela Condello (University of Roma Tre, Law University of Torino, Philosophy)

Emanuele Conte (University of Roma Tre, Law)

Afternoon session – H 15-18

Presentation by PhD and graduate students who wish to discuss their research projects related to the interdisciplinary school.


With the participation of Prof. Desmond Manderson, Australian National University

Organized and coordinated by: Angela Condello (Roma Tre, Torino) and Emanuele Conte (Roma Tre)

Are you ready? The next L&H course will begin on October 4th 2016!


Dear all,

the L&H team could not wait an entire year to start again…for the first time since 2008 the course will take place during the Fall Semester instead of the Spring Semester. The schedule is rich and interesting as usual and we are also planning a very special final event in the beautiful location of the Palladium Theater (see picture), in the charming Garbatella neighborhood, not fa away from the RomaTre Law Departement. The classes will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Law Departement (Via Ostiense 161), while the rooms still have to be confirmed. You cand find below the brand new calendar. Follow us to stay updated!


4-5-6 October: INTRODUCTION TO LAW AND HUMANITIES (Emanuele Conte, University of Roma Tre)

11-12-13 October: LAW, LITERATURE, MORALITY (Guido Mazzoni, University of Siena)

20-21 October: THE TRADITION OF LAW AND LITERATURE (David Skeel, UPenn)

25-26-27 October: LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (Paolo Napoli, EHESS, CENJ)

1-2 November: NO CLASS

8-9-10 November: LAW AND HISTORY (Tyler Lange, UC Berkeley)

15-16 November: LAW AND BUILDINGS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE (Emanuele Conte, University of Roma Tre)

22-23-23 November: LAW AND ICONOGRAPHY (Stefan Huygebaert, University of Gent)

29-30 November – 1 December: LAW AND ARCHITECTURE – Visit to Supreme Court (Stefania Gialdroni, University of Roma Tre/University of Helsinki)

Midterm submission: Dec. 1st

6-7 December: NORMATIVITY, ETHICS, NOVEL (Andrea Baldini, University of Leeds)

13-14 December: LAW AND MUSIC (Giorgio Resta, University of Roma Tre)

15 December: Final exam

Final event, Dec 20th 2016 (to be confirmed) 

Concert (Palladium)

How to register for the Law and the Humanities course 2015

Studying Law at RomaTre

Welcome everbody to the brand new website of the “Law and the Humanities” course at the Law Department of the RomaTre University! This website is intended for two pourposes: on the one hand, it is a didactical tool to provide information to our students and make them interact as much as possible. On the other hand, it should become a point of reference for “Law and the Humanities” in general, providing information about CFP, books, articles, events, etc. on the world of “Law ands”.

Given those assumption, the first post of this new blog has to give an essential piece of information: how to register for our course! Well, in order to be admitted (the avarage number of our students is 30 + Ersmus students), it is necessary to demonstrate a good level of English. For this reason, an entrance test is compulsory. You can find all information on the “Studying Law at RomaTre” page.